Richmond Home


The Visual and Media Arts Practice program consists of 15 studios and lab spaces totaling approximately 70,000 square feet of space. The main studio areas include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and sound, video, and new media. Supporting these spaces is a wood shop, metal shop, kiln room, sculpture yard (gas and burnout kilns, and metal furnace), 2D design classroom, 3D design classroom, printmaking studio, painting studio, drawing studio, black and white (wet lab) darkroom, digital/media arts lab, computer classroom, visual resource center, and faculty studios that allow students to work alongside their professors in developing research and creative work within the building.


40” Takach Etching Press

26” Takach Lithography Press

18” Proofing Letterpress

36” Sheet Metal Shear

ABL Aquatint Box, 36”x24” Plate Capacity

MSP Ultra Violet Exposure Unit

Etching Booth

Drying Racks, 36”x48”

Screenprinting Vacuum Table, 36”x48”

Portable Vacuum Tables, 24”x36”

2hp Power Washer

Rollers and Brayers, Wide Range

Plenty of glass and table surfaces for a variety of printmaking work

Ample drawer storage for student projects


Laguna Smartshop II CNC Router with automatic tool change, an 8' 4th axis lathe, and vacuum clamping

3D Systems 3D Scanner

3D Systems Cube Pro 3D Printer

Boss Laser Cutter

Vestil Stacker, 1-Ton

Delta Joiner, 6”

Delta Planer, 15”

Grizzly Band Saw, 14”

Grizzly Band Saw, 18”

McEnglevan Metal Melting Furnace

Powermatic Drill Press

Sawstop Table Saw

Bailey Gas Kiln, 22 Cu Ft

Bailey Gas Kiln, 36 Cu Ft

Heavy Duty Electric Kiln, 18 Cubic Ft

Test Kiln, 2 Cubic Ft

Peter Pugger Pug Mill

Ceiling Crane, 1-Ton

Saunders Burn-Out Furnace

Brent Potting Wheels

MIG Welders

TIG Welder

Stick Welder

Oxygen and Acetylene Welding

Plasma Cutter

Welding Fume Extractor

Metal Chop Saw, 20”

Sand Blasting Cabinet

Concrete Mixer

Recirculating Spray Booth, 4’x8’


Drawing Tables, 42”x42”

Recirculating Spray Booth, 4’x8’

Homasote Boards for large drawing projects

Flat Files, Storage for Student Work


Heavy Duty Classroom Easels

Mobile Easels

Storage racks for student paintings and palettes

Large painting storage rack

Recirculating Spray Booth, 4’x8’

Film, Video, and Sound

Analog Audio/Video Synthesis Suite with Doepfer, Make Noise, Dave Jones

Design Modules

Canon XF100 Camcorder Kits

Canon XH-G1 Camcorder Kits

GoPro Hero3 Camcorder Kits

Phantom 2 Aerial Video Kits (Drones)

Bell + Howell 16mm Film Projectors

16mm Film Splicers

16mm Film Projection Loopers

Gitzo/Manfrotto Carbon Tripod Systems

Arri Softbank IV Plus 5 Light Kits

Zoom H4N Audio Field Recorders

Marantz Audio Field Recorders

Sennheiser Microphone Kits

Panasonic 4K Video Production Monitors

BlackMagic Analog/Digital Convertors

GrassValley Analog/Digital Convertors

MOTU 828x Audio Interfaces

Mackie 1202VLZ4 Mixers

Korg Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

AudioTechnica AT-LP1240 Professional Turntables

Mackie HR824mk2 Production Monitors/Stands

Roland V-4EX 4-Channel Digital Video Mixer

Sony PMW-RX50 SxS Portable Card Decks

Sony HVRM15U HDV/DVCAM Video Decks


Region-Free DVD and BluRay Decks

Tascam CD-A550mkII CD/Cassette Players/Recorders

Samsung 6300 Series 32" Flatscreen TV’s

Samsung 6300 Series 46” Flatscreen TV’s

Promise Pegasus RAID Array for file storage/back-up


Black & White (Wet Lab) Darkroom

Digital/Media Arts Lab

Computer Classroom

Canon Rebel T4i Kits

Manfrotto Tripods

10-24mm Cannon Lens

70-300mm Cannon Lens

60mm Fixed 1.4 Cannon Macro Lens

Canon Speedlight 430EX II Kits

Wescott Illumitor Reflector Kit 6-in-1 – 30”

Sekonic Flashmate L-308S Light Meters

60” Epson Stylus Pro 11880 Large Format Printer

Lomo 4 Shutter Cameras

Diana Mini Cameras

Arkay film drying cabinet

Arkay RC-2100 SS print dryer

4x5 Toyo View Camera

Beseler 23CIII-XL Condenser Enlargers

CPAC Silver Retrieval System

Omega 4x5 Enlarger

Lowell Light Kits

Elinchrom Quadra Hybrid AS RX Battery Flash System Kits

Photography Copy Stands

Seal/Bienfang Pro 3648H Vacuum Dry Mount Press for Mounts up to 36x48"

Epson Expression 11000XL Photo Scanner

Promise Pegasus RAID Array for file storage/back-up