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Spring 2020

Christian River: Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia Since Late Antiquity 
A Lecture by Dr. Giovanni Ruffini

Dr. Ruffini (Professor of Classical Studies at Fairfield University) will discuss the three great civilizations of the Nile Valley — Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia — since late antiquity, with particular emphasis on the so-called “medieval” period. We will discuss the problems inherent in thinking of this period as medieval. But more importantly, we will discuss the common features inherent in all three civilizations in this period. These features create a unity that transcends linguistic and geopolitical barriers. Specifically, the Christian communities of Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia have a shared sense of self that is more important than their local identities as Egyptians, Nubians, and Ethiopians. This shared sense of self is only partly related to their common faith. As important is their common political ideology, adopting an imperial vocabulary rooted in ancient Roman universalism. Medieval African civilization in the Nile Valley may be thought of more accurately as Christian and Roman imperial.

Spring 2018

Maria Chavez
Topography of Sound: Peaks and Valleys Series, New Work by Maria Chavez

Akosua Adoma Owusu
Event is part of series The Fire this Time, organized by the Department of Art and Art History and the Media Resource Center-Boatwright Library and held in conjunction with the 2017-18 Tucker Boatwright Festival The Personal is Political/The Political is Personal

Tim McCall
Lecture: "Men in Tights: The Contours of Legs in Italian Renaissance Fashion

Fall 2017

2017 Student Art Exhibition
Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art

Exhibition and Lecture: Saffron by Teresa Cole a contemporary artist and professor at Tulane University where she teaches printmaking